Koolpak Instant Ice Pack


Koolpak Instant Ice Pack.

The Koolpak Instant Ice Pack offers an ideal option for treating soft tissue injuries on children. The packs compact size is ideal for adding to first aid kits. It quickly relieves pain and swelling and is ideal for soothing headaches and migraines.

The Koolpak Instant Ice Pack is a multipurpose instant cold therapy pack with benefits to the Sports, Veterinary, Equine, Leisure, General Domestic and Industrial Markets.

Koolpak ice packs are single use disposable packs which provide instant relief for pain caused by sprains, strains, bumps and bruises. The longer bag size of this ice pack is ideal for wrapping around limbs. The pack will not cause freeze burns and can be applied directly to the body. With a simple squeeze and shake activation, the instant ice pack will become ice cold within seconds.

SKU: 088316

Product Description

Instant Cold Therapy is used for a variety of incidents including Sports injuries, physiotherapy and emergency treatment. It is also used for essential First Aid treatment of domestic burns and scalds.

  • Sizes: 13.5x30cm.
  • 200g.