Koolpak Hot Cold Packs


Koolpak Hot Cold Packs.

Koolpak Hot Cold packs are an excellent way of treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries. The soft, flexible, luxurious pack moulds to the problem area and will last longer than a standard Ice or Hot pack. Hot and Cold packs are effective for the relief from muscular pain.

The Koolpak Hot Cold Pack is a multipurpose pack which can help with the treatment of  many medical problems, such as bumps, bruises, headaches and period pains.

Hot and Cold packs are used as instant Therapy fora number of incidents including sports injuries, physiotherapy and emergency treatment and are also designed for essential First Aid treatment of domestic burns and scalds.

SKU: 088317

Product Description

Koolpak hot cold packs include instructions for use on the outside of the packs. When we tested the packs, what struck us was how nice they actually feel, much preferable to the standard versions of hot cold packs.

20 seconds is suggested as the initial time to microwave the pack for heat treatment. Obviously, this time can be varied to suit personal requirements, taking care to avoid getting the pack too hot.

Koolpak hot cold packs are a great choice if you want more than the basic plastic covered hot cold pack.

  • Approximate dimensions: 290mm x 125mm (11in x 5in).